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Josh Elsbecker

Manager: Employee since 2016

When Josh isn’t slinging drinks at Pump Haus, he is likely hanging out with his wife, Sarah and two little girls or fishing. Josh dreams of starting his own fishing charter someday. If he could time travel, Josh would go to the future to see the technology.

Laura Oshel

Manager: Employee since 2016

When Laura isn’t working, you can find her with her husband, Gary and her three kids. Together, they like camping, going to concerts and sitting around the camp fire. She is a lover of all animals and dreams of running an animal rescue some day. If she could time travel, Laura would choose to go to the future to see her children grown up.


Sabrina Andera

Manager: Employee since 2017

Sabrina likes spending her time with family and friends and her dog, Stella when she isn’t working at Pump Haus. Her favorite thing on the Pump Haus menu is the bacon cheeseburger wrap. She would love to see the world, ride in a hot air balloon or go skydiving.


Emma Fielder

Manager: Employee since 2018

Emma likes dogs, rueben rolls and spending time with her friends and family. Her bucket list has things like scuba diving, climbing a mountain and seeing the Northern Lights on it. Emma is enjoying college so much that, if she could time travel, she’d go back to the beginning and do it all over again.


Therese Kuhlman

Bartender/Server: Employee since 2017

Therese works a full time job during the week doing UX design and web development. You can catch her working the weekends at Pump Haus. If she’s not here serving drinks or enjoying a Jack & Coke herself, she likes working out and watching movies. Therese’s bucket list includes traveling to South Korea, skydiving and competing in a full triathlon.


Morgan Siems

Server: Employee since 2017

Morgan is a cat lover and if she’s not at Pump Haus working, you can likely find her with her kitties Nova, Darla and Smokey. She likes watching Netflix and napping. Morgan is graduating from UNI this spring with two teaching degrees and cannot wait to teach pre-school age children. She dreams of visiting Hawaii and owning a purple Dodge Charger someday.


Bailey Potratz

Server: Employee since 2018

When Bailey isn’t serving at Pump Haus, she likes shopping, decorating and going to concerts. Her favorite thing on the menu is the load it up burger, but she likes to change it up and add buffalo sauce (YUM!). If she could time travel, Bailey would choose to head to the 1920’s to experience their “glitzy fashion”.


Kailee Hanlon

Server/Bartender: Employee since 2018

When Kailee isn’t working or going to class she like having a drink with friends and going on road trips. Her bucket list includes meeting Luke Bryan, traveling to Australia and parasailing. Her favorite menu item at Pump Haus is the Bruce burger with a side of our delicious, hand-breaded Hanson cheese curds!


Marissa Strickler

Server/Bartender: Employee since 2018

When Marissa isn’t working, she likes to binge watch Netflix or spend time with her family and friends. She likes cats and dogs, chicken bacon ranch totchos and coffee. If she could travel in time, Marissa would like to go back to watch the Egyptians build the pyramids.


Aislinn Fox

Server: Employee since 2018

You can find Aislinn reading, playing video games or doing cross stitch when she isn’t working at Pump Haus. She dreams of traveling to places like New Zealand, England and Ireland. Aislinn would love to travel back in time to the 1940’s and 1950’s, the time of Frank Sinatra!


Amanda Wilmesherr

Server: Employee since 2019

Amanda is a lover of dogs, Friends, coffee and the Pump Haus garlic teriyaki boneless wings. She dreams of traveling to every continent someday. If she could travel in time, Amanda chose to go to the year 3000 “to see if the Jonas Brothers really got it right.”


Maci Garcia

Server: Employee since 2019

When Maci isn’t working, she like to go to the gym, go tanning, hangout with friends and watch netflix. Someday she would like to travel to the Cayman Islands and swim with dolphins. Maci would travel back in time to the 1980’s when “they had pagers, partied hard and had nice outfits and hair”!!


Olivia Mabota

Server: Employee since 2019

Olivia is a busy lady. She is a Junior at Uni and works at Starbucks as well as Pump Haus. When she’s not working or in class, she enjoys reading and spending time with her friends. Her bucket list includes going to Carnival in Brazil, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and sky diving!


Erin Danielson

Server: Employee since 2019

Erin enjoys spending her time reading, listening to music and shopping. She would love to travel the world, skydive and see all of her favorite bands in concert. If she could travel in time, Erin would like to go back to the Aztec / Incan Empires.